Extras supplied in our IPTV Package

(A) HDMI cable

(B)Supplied is a LAN/Ethernet cable of suitable length to reach from the Router, the Router must be next to the TV

(C) If you are connecting through a WiFi connection you will need a WiFi Dongle (purchasing from ourselves will be 25.00€ plus shipping costs) please make sure which type of  connection you require before you order the equipment. You can also purchase them from Amazon, Ebay etc or your

local PC superstore.....

Product Details

Setting up this dongle is not covered here.

We are going to assume in this section that you are going to connect by cable...........

(A) Remove the equipment from the packaging, insert the batteries in the Remote, connect the unit to the power using the provided adapter

( note these are 5 Volt adapters,for the MAG250 and 12Volt for the MAG254  do not use mix them)

 (B) Connect the supplied HDMI cable to the decoder and the other end to the TV, we recommend you use HDMI 1 input on your TV.

Select the appropriate Input on the TV using the  TV remote control ( Input/Source etc)

You are now ready to plug the  supplied 5V apdapter into the power.


This next section could take several minutes.

The first you will see is a red screen with the Logo "Infomir"  or a Blank screen with "loading" at the bottom of the screen, it is loading the parameters needed to connect you to the remote Portal/Server

If you are connected correctly to the Internet (see above) then after a couple of minutes the screen will be Black with a   progression bar

 moving across the TV Screen from left/right

Aboveand below  images are for display on this helpdesk, your screen may be slightly different...

After a short time the screen will load the channel list then it will populate it with Channel names, with the remote Up/Down arrow keys select the

channel you want to watch.

Press the OK button to make it full size.