If you are Presented with a "Page Loading Error" then follow these Instructions for Setting up the WiFi Adapter ( Dongle)

Only if you are Using WiFi to connect the IPTV box to the Internet.

On the Remote Control PRESS the BLUE button.                                                                                                 


Navigate to NETWORK highlight it using up, down, left, right arrows until it is.




Use up, down, left, right arrows to highlight WIRELESS WiFi


Use up, down, left, right arrows to highlight AUTO (DCHP)




Use down arrow to highlight SCAN



All Wifi systems that are within range are displayed here.

Use up/down arrows to select your ROUTER



Use Down arrow to highlight Key or Pass-Phrase box.

PRESS KB button on remote, ( Button with Keyboard picture on it near to/Right a virtual keyboard will be displayed)

Use up, down, left, right arrows to select the letters and/or digits that relates to your network access PIN

 (the pass-phrase you would have used in Windows to access the network, usually supplied by your Internet provider)

There is a CAP key to the left to change from Upper to Lower case, Pass/ pass-phrases are case sensitive.


When you have completed your passphrase PRESS the KB button on the remote to remove it from the Screen.

PRESS the down arrow until OK is highlighted in RED PRESS OK.

Use up, down, left, right arrows to highlight REBOOT.

PRESS OK and follow on screen instruction.

The Box will reboot and load the Remote Portal Service and the TV channels will be available

If you return to "Page Loading Error" then 1st re/boot your Router, if the problem continues you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider

You can also check your Network Info in the same menu 

Link Status: should be "UP" means you are connected to the Internet If it is "DOWN" exit Network Info then go back into it to refresh the page.

You can also contact us either by opening up a "Support Ticket" or emailing us direct on      help@connectcom.tv