Most IPTV boxes, those that use XBMC as a Media Player generally stream in LDTV (Low definition) as it needs lower bandwidth, however when stretched to fit a standard TV screen the resolution is poor.

When shipped the MAG250 does not use XBMC and is set up for SD (Standard Definition 720 x 576) for those users that do not have HD TV ( included in the box is the cable for SD TV  with a Mini Jack to RCA (Yellow/Red/White) ends.

The MAG250 IPTV box can receive in SDTV  is equivalent to PAL 625 line (old TV format) and is quite acceptable, however to get the best from your system you need to change the video output to HD because the box is capable of receiving HDTV streams as well. 

You will need a HDMI cable

For HD TV users Only!

Do do this you need to press the Menu button (assuming you are watching TV) on the remote control

Using your left/right buttons navigate to the Settings


Navigate down the list to Video


In your case the settings should be

Video Output Mode: 1080-50 or 1080i-50

Graphic resolution: 1280 x 720

Using your up/down buttons navigate to each section and change to the settings as shown above.

You will see drop down list on each one, navigate to the required setting PRESS OK  to select the correct one.

When finished navigate to the OK button  PRESS OK  

You will be returned to the sub menu

 Using your down button navigate to Reboot device  

PRESS OK   and follow on screen instructions.

If you have any problems you can open a Ticket or email us direct at